SLCG Candidate Readmittance Policy

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SLCG Candidate Readmittance Policy
LCDR Marcello Icebear

Our first thought follows the motto " errare humanvm est, perseverare autem diabolicvm" We should be as a Guardian and accept what comes our way. We should be willing to open our arms to him/her as the prodigal son and his father in the Bible. We should also be smart and prepared with how we go about doing this so I have listed some thoughts below as to how to go about this.

First rule (who can be readmitted):
For previous members, you will be readmitted as a Candidate only once. Under extreme circumstances such as rl medical issues, an exception might be made for a second reinstatement. However, giving of a third chance, no.

Second rule (the decision) :
Each application for readmission to the SL Coast Guard, even though they comply with the first rule, must be first personally interviewed by G2 and them the application must be examined by a committee and considered for approval. The committee will review the G2 interview and the candidate application, which should always be in written form with clear explanation of the reasoning behind reapplication. Upon review, the committee will be responsible for submitting their decision and reasoning, whether positive or negative, to the Commandant and Vice Commandant. The Commandant and Vice Commandant have the authority to override any decision made by the committee.

Third rule (tha admission rank):
If at the time of the abandonment of SLCG the guardian had a rank of ENS or higher, they would re-enter as MCPO. If the rank was MCPO or lower, they would re-enter as PO3.

Fourth rule (the award):
In the event that the candidate has in the past achieved the awards only those present in the PMIS will be automatically recognized. Those not present (i.e. very old) will be examined by the competent authority of the specific CO TRACEN who will decide whether the candidate can have the same award again (with a notation on PMIS) or whether to follow the candidate a refresher course with a final exam.

The Committee:

The function of a committee consisting of the HQ members what have the task of consider the admission, or rather the re-admission of members who have left and want come back to SL Coast Guard.

The members of the committee will not be volunteers but people who hold a defined charge in HQ, they are COS, the ACOS the TRACOM and DCOM, this would allow us to have the roles always covered even If people change. The members of the committee will be chosen by the COS and will consist of 3 or 5 members.

The number must always be odd not to create a "deadlock" in judgment.

The committee is an independent organ and will assess the appropriate media to exchange opinions of the members, each meeting will be followed by a written report that will be sent for information to the ADML and VADML. Before each meeting we will be designated a moderator who will coordinate the work of the committee and a secretary who will write the minutes of the meeting. These roles may be changed from time to time depending on the availability of people.
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