SLCG Application

Here you can read what is required to join the SL Coast Guard.

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SLCG Application
25 Jul 2014, 10:25

Please copy into a note card, and rename it: SLCG Application: (Your name here)

SL Coast Guard
Application for Membership
CONFINDENTAIL – Will not be released

Second Life Name:

Date SL account created (Based on Profile):

What is your Interest in the SLCG:

Water Patrol’s
Air Patrols
Public Relations
Staff Work

Have you read the diffrent SLCG policies and statements included in this package?

Have you ever been a member of the SLCG as your current avatar or any other avatar?

Have you registered on the forums located at

What is your real life time zone?

After completion send this application to the following people:

Bruckner (bruckner dreddmor)
Allian Blackwell (allian resident)
Thorn Blackflag

You will be contacted as soon as possible regarding your application status.

ps. remember to create an account on our website forum at using your SL Full Name
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